4060 A2 UV Printer Epson XP600 heads ship to USA customer Maya

4060 uv printer

Owner: Maya Gayot

Country: USA

Machine model: RB-4060 UV Flatbed Printer

I have searched and compared many machines on Alibaba, from A3 to A1, finally I chose this one, Rainbow A2 UV Printer.

This is not the cheapest machine I found, but I believe it is the best and most economical. I have had a video call with Katherine who helped me a lot, she show me the machine and factory, I am convinced.

I am very attracted by the automatic waste ink cleaning system, I know it can highly saves my time and make print head lives longer. I didn;t see so powerful function from other suppliers. Maybe they have too, but not that good and convenient.

I will take a DTG A3 too if I like this UV. Thanks for Katherine’s help and I can’t wait to receive the machine and hope it arrives before Christmas season.

I highly recommend this machine for you.

4060 uv printer

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