How to print a customized t-shirt with DTG A2 size t-shirt printer?

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How to print a customized t-shirt with DTG A2 size t-shirt printer?

Rainbow printer  has been helping people start custom A2 size t-shirt printer businesses since 2005.. and we’re introduced us as the  experts in the field of inkjet t shirt printing in 
particular. Our Website:

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The process of A2 size t-shirt Printer direct to garment printing is very clear and simple:

【小图标素材①】可爱小图标,适用于帖子、淘宝的美化(静态、GIF)1,Firstly,  Preparing your t-shirt with pretreating solution, it can make t-shirt color more vivid and stable:

【小图标素材①】可爱小图标,适用于帖子、淘宝的美化(静态、GIF)2, Secondly, Make your own graph:

【小图标素材①】可爱小图标,适用于帖子、淘宝的美化(静态、GIF)3, Thirdly, Printing by a DTG t-shirt printer machine:



【小图标素材①】可爱小图标,适用于帖子、淘宝的美化(静态、GIF)In general Advantages: 

A, White and color print by one pass with quick speed—a main advantage of RB-4050 a2 dtg t-shirt printer is that it can print white ink and color by one pass which can save much more time when print dark materials and increase capacity.


B: RB-4560 T-shirt Printer equipped with TWO 5113 Print heads. One head has 3200 printing nozzles, so that it can make white whiter when printing dark t-shirts and make color ink more colorful.

C, This  high speed dtg printer a2 dtg printer has 1L big ink volume tank for CMYK+White ink, so that it can print large quantity t shirts and does not need to refill the ink very frequently.

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However, The strong structure and perfect effect all prove the reliability of A2 size printer. If you are interest in t-shirt printer using and tips, tell us.

A2 size t-shirt Printer A2 size t-shirt Printer






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