I am agent of China Rainbow digital coffee & UV & t-shirt Printer

Rainbow Phillipine agent

Name: Jaquin Lao

Country: Phillipine

Label: agent of Rainbow Printer

I am an agent of Rainbow digital printer China ( UV Printer, t-shirt printer and coffee printer), I sell mostly RB-3250 A3 UV Printer, RB-3250T DTG t-shirt printing machine and their coffee printer here in Phillipine. 

I have a brand named “Bi-no Zambai” which is specially for coffee food printer. I have many stores and karts which I plan to locate it all over Phillipines.  

I visited Rainbow factory before I decided to cooperate with them, actually I visited many facotries and finally choosed them. I have to say I made the most right choice.

Last month I purchased 153 sets RB-04HP selfie coffee printer 4 cups, their after sale service technical support is super. No matter what question I have, as long as they saw the video they know the problem and solved it.

All my questions been solved in 30 minutes. This is really super good.

RB-3250T dtg printer and UV printer are selling very well too, the manuals and videos is so clear which I believe is their attitude too.

I don’t need to spend time or energy on that ( I also got trained of those two machines in their factory) although I can. Because their document is very detailly already.

Rainbow Phillipine agent

“Rainbow Printer company cares customers” this is told by nice sale Jasmine, and I truely beleive it now. They do.

Next month I am going to purchase another container uv and DTG printer for sell in my furniture store. I love it which bring me good sales and margins while I spend little time on it.



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