How to clean an Epson clogged uv flatbed printer print head?

How to clean an Epson clogged uv flatbed printer print head?

UV Flatbed printer uses Epson print head mostly, so that we can not to avoid the problem of print head degradation, here are some suggestions for people who want to buy a uv flatbed printer or who are alreasdy facing this problem.

Preparation: use something to wrap circuit board to prevent it get damaged by liquid.

First: soaking method

Applicable condition: lighter blockage

Tools: 95% alcohol, clean cups and flat metal containers.

Prepare a small plate, place the print head flat on the plate, and place the plate in the cleaning solution of the uv printer. The deep soaking of the print head section will prevail. Be careful not to sprinkle liquid on the cable plug and drive circuit board. The first soaking time is about 1 to 4 hours.

Second: print head injection pressure cleaning.

Applicable condition: The blockage is heavier.

Tools: 95% alcohol, clean cups, disposable syringes, disposable infusion sets.

Principle: Use the pressure of the syringe siphon to inject alcohol into the printhead to achieve the effect of cleaning the dry ink head.

Prepare a one-time infusion of the plastic tube, one plug in the 5ml syringe, the other end  need to rinse the printhead into the ink hole, the syringe in the distilled water into the printhead, please make sure that the pressure is not too much to squeeze water inside the waterproof printhead. This process needs to be repeated for several times until you see that each ink hole ejects a slim water column. In this way, the jammed printhead can be cleared.

Third: distilled water cleaning method

Applicable condition: severe blockage

Tools: coded empty box, disposable syringe and a bottle of medical distilled water (also available in pure water).

How it works: Similar to print head injection pressure cleaning.

Solution: Prepare a decoded empty cartridge, disposable syringe and a bottle of medical distilled water. The pressure generated by the siphoning action of the syringe causes the syringe to inject distilled water into the ink cartridge through the ink cartridge hole, and after a while, the distilled water is sucked out by the syringe, and the operation is repeated.

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