What Are The Differences Epson Xp600 With DX5 And DX7 print head?

Epson Dx7

What Are The Differences Epson Xp600 With DX5 And DX7 print head?

1, Epson DX 5 and DX7 heads are 8 nozzles in a single row.

Firstly,  The nozzle width is 24.5 mm. Each nozzle has 8 rows of  jet holes with 180 nozzles in every single row,  it has 1440 nozzles in all.

Secondly, The nozzle is equipped with unique wavy connection, which can change the printing technology, thus solving the horizontal line caused by PASS path on the drawing surface and making the image wonderful.

Thirdly, in experience, Epson DX5 only takes 64 seconds to print the entire full  page, while DX7 only just takes 11.1 seconds. Speed is certainly not everything, and the output quality should also be obvious. The final result is not as far as you think. DX7 provides at a slower speed but output a  high quality image. However, the DX5 head provides higher quality at a faster speed. The biggest difference between these two printing heads is not the speed as you think, but actually the cost. The cost is not only is the purchase of DX5 higher, but  it needs more expensive maintenance. To the contrary, Epson DX7 head offers relatively low costs to neutralize the relatively slower printing speed .

Also,  The size of the 3.5pl ink drop makes the resolution of the pattern reach an astonishing 2880dpi, which is equivalent to the effect in high definition photos. As small as 0.2mm and as thin as hair, it is not hard to imagine that any small material can perfectly highlight the pattern!


DX5 Printing head(Epson print head printer)                                                                                                                                         DX7 Printing head(Epson print head printer)

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2, XP600 has six channels, of which CMYK has four colors with 180 nozzles and two white colors with 360 nozzles, totaling 1440 nozzles.The nozzle is equipped with a unique wave size connection variable dot printing technology, solving the horizontal lines caused by the pass of the drawing surface, and the image is vivid. In all XP600 is the best seller of Epson UV flat-panel printer, because the nozzle is very cheap with the long time life and perfect effect.

XP600 Printing head:(Epson print head printer)

a2 uv printer


Application:Epson print head printer

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