Does t-shirt pre-treatment necessary?

Does t-shirt pre-treatment necessary in digital direct to garment printer technique?

Let’s explain in this way:

Pre-treatment is a solution that is often used to help white ink stick to the T-shirt you want to use. It mainly used on black and dark shirts, the pre-treatment is a bit like glue that makes ink stick to the clothes and make it colorful in dtg printing.

To pre-treat T-shirt, first use a heating press and a heat-resistant sheet to make the surface smooth and flat. Next, you will pre-treat the T-shirt in a well ventilated area.

When you don’t use pretreatment on your t-shirts before printing, your t-shirts will look dull and lackluster. The pretreatment acts as a primer to the ink being used. Your colors may soak in too much and fade into undesirable shades without it.

Direct to garment t-shirt printer right now are commonly taking this technique of pre-treatment, expecially on black t-shirts.

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