How to print edible photo image on coffee/beer/cake/foods/flowers?

ripples selfie coffee printer

How to print edible photo image on coffee/beer/cake/foods?

Rainbow digital coffee/food printer can print on kind of different edible food like ice cream, cakes, cappuccino, cookies, macarons. coffee and even flowers.

The machine RB-01HP and RB-04HP uses edible ink CMYKB five colors, the coffee printer edible ink is made by food coloring extracted from plants, and with the five colors it can print any color out.

The edible printer has software named Cupshow which you do do selfie and upload any photo to it so that any image can be printed on the coffee drinks and foods.

Check the video below:

This selfie coffee latte art cake printer mostly been used on restaurants, coffee shops, milk tea shops, shopping market, etc

Because of the novelty and creativity, the price of a normal cup of tea has been rised for 3 times or more. That is one of the reason why this machine is that popular over the world.

ripples selfie coffee printer


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