Rainbow RB-2513 Large Format Flatbed UV Printer

    SPECIFICATIONS FOR RB-2513 UV flatbed printer
    Print Resolution Speed model 360*1440dpi >=21m2/per hour
    Standard model 720*1440dpi >=15m2/per hour
    High quality model 1440*1440dpi >=8m2/per hour
    Main performance parameters G5 Printer head of Japan Ricoh
    UV Curing System with LED UV lamp (Water Cooling)
    Smart Bi-directional Printing Mode Drop-on-demand Piezo Electric Inkjet
    Features * Auto height measurement * Positive pressure Auto cleaning system
    * Auto adjustment of deviation
    * Finished products is Water proof, UV proof, and Scratch proof
    * Finished product is suitable for outdoor use
    * Platform:Aluminum Vacuum absorption platform with 4 pcs engines
    *Dual negative pressure ink supply system
    *Aluminum double filter ink box
    *3 in 1 high speed CPU servo driver
    Height Adjustment Automatic with Sensor.
    Printing Method Drop-on-demand Piezo Electric Inkjet
    UV Curing System LED UV Light (Water Cooling system)
    Printing Method Drop-on-demand Piezo Electric Inkjet
    Printing Direction Smart Bi-directional unidirectional Printing Mode