Glass printing is one of the most commonly used area of UV printing–shops, stores,windows, showcases, architectural applications, awards custom shops,. etc. Glass printing start from American and becoming popular in Europe. It is simple and beautiful job, we can print on the front surface and show on the same size, or we can print on the back side while show on the front side. Both are very shining. Glossy printing effect can be achieved too. 

UV printing on the one side of glass whileshowing on the other side image. UV Printing machine can print many of this by one time so that to achieve mass production. 

RB-3358 UV Flatbed printer is a good choice for custom-made gifts, awards printing. It is tight in end printing. Many competitions, parties, company annual meetings may need this.

6090-uv-printer (14)

Rainbow Nano 9 UV Flatbed Printer

Rainbow Nano 9 UV Flatbed Printer epuiped with Ricoh G5 print head, very quick speed and mass production. The head is very easy maintain.

  • 60*90cm printing size
  • Servo Motor
  • Germany IGUS muted chain
  • Aluminium double filter ink box
  • DX8/I3200 print head with grey scale model
  • Integrated heater and thermistor
  • Very quick speed and well performanace
  • Long lifespan