UV printing machine can print not only on flat materials as its main function, but also rotaries ( with rotary printing device). It is multi-functional printer.

The transparent bottles with simple logo are beautiful. A3 RB-3358 UV printer can print it with very quick printing speed and high resolution.


Thermos-cup printing: you can print not only one bottle, but many bottles at one time. This allows mass production and large orders.

Rotary printing device is available for machines at A3 or over A4. It is motor drive high quality and accurate. The rotary printing device will rotate when printing, so the UV LED printer can print full size of bottles.

Rainbow RB-4060 UV Flatbed Printer

Rainbow RB-4060 UV printing machine are recommended model for acrylic printing.

  • Two XP600/DX7 print heads
  • 3 minutes for a full pallet when printing with 720*720dpi model
  • 3D embossed printing effect
  • TAIWAN HI-WIN lead screw of 25mm thickness
  • Hydraulic anti-collision
  • Use aluminum cycle mixing cartridges rather than plastic one.
  • Germany brand Igus mute chain-high quality and fluent printing
  • Color and white one pass printing