RB-1610 UV Flatbed Printer A0 Print Size

The RB-1610 A0 UV flatbed printer offers an economical choice with a generous printing area. It allows for direct printing on various materials such as metal, wood, PVC, plastic, glass, crystal, stone, and rotary products, thanks to its impressive maximum printing size of 62.9″ in width and 39.3” in length. This printer supports a range of effects, including varnish, matte, reverse print, fluorescence, and bronzing.

Additionally, the RB-1610 can directly print on film and then transfer the design to any material, enabling customization of curved and irregularly-shaped items. The inclusion of a vacuum suction table further enhances its capabilities by facilitating the printing of soft materials like leather, film, and soft PVC. The absence of tape during printing ensures easier positioning and a seamless result.

With its appealing industrial look, interior design options, and exceptional color performance, this model has already assisted numerous customers and is gaining popularity in the market.