USB Flash

UV flatbed printer used to print on USB flash or removable hard drive usually. Many gift shops are providing special gifts customize for people who are pursuing unique and special logo. 

UV flatbed printer printing on USB flash with special artworks designs. Very suitable for custom shops printing for companies, parties.

Rainbow A3 RB-3358 UV printing machine uses DX5 print head and printing with high resolution.

Rainbow RB-2129 UV Flatbed Printer

Rainbow RB-2129 UV flatbed printer is recommended model for USB flash printing:

  • L800 print head with six colors CMYK+WW
  • 21*29cm printing size, easy operation and do not take too much space. 
  • Economical cost and high return
  • Everything can be printed
  • Water cooling system
  • Full aluminum frame
  • High printing resolution.