Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are needed in many places like home decoration, trade shows, store decoration, paintings, showing room,. etc. UV LED printer can print any photos, images, custom-made ADs on ceremic tiles and with glossy effect to make it shaning and special, 3D effect is also ok. 

Rainbow RB-2513 UV flatbed printer uses 3 Ricoh G5 print head which can achieve good effect and speed. The printing dot is big and not easy clog. 3D effect is easy to get when printing by 2513 LED UV printer.

2513 large format UV Flatbed printer print tile with glossy effect can achieve very good job. It is shaning and texture feeling. UV gloosy printing is getting popular in digital printing machine. Rainbow printer can help you achieve this.

Rainbow 2513 UV Flatbed Printer

Rainbow 2513 UV Flatbed Printer epuiped with Ricoh G5 print head, very quick speed and mass production. The head is very easy maintain.

  • 2.5*1.3m printing size
  • Ricoh G5 print head, glossy printing available
  • Servo Motor
  • Germany IGUS muted chain
  • Aluminium double filter ink box
  • G5 print head with grey scale model 7PL
  • Integrated heater and thermistor
  • Very quick speed and well performanace
  • Long lifespan