Rainbow Company Cares Support and Service

Dear Customer:

According to the policy of Rainbow Inkjet, if the machine is purchased directly from Rainbow Inkjet, it comes with a 13-month free warranty. As long as the ink brand is not replaced, we will provide lifelong technical guidance. Please note that consumables such as print heads, ink cartridges, and ink pumps are not covered by the warranty. If the ink and other consumables are replaced with other brands, our technical support will still be available, but we do not guarantee color accuracy and printing effects. If the replacement of ink from other brands leads to issues such as color deviation, ink spraying, or clogging, except for the normal warranty of mechanical parts, the warranty does not cover any ink-containing components under any circumstances.

During the installation process, if any components are found to be damaged and it is not due to human factors, we will provide free replacement of all components and cover the shipping costs. However, please note that print heads are not covered by warranty in the printing industry, as they are considered consumable items. However, in order to prioritize customer service experience, we offer free on-site warranty service for the DX8 print head. If the first installation of the print head experiences abnormalities not caused by human factors, we will provide warranty service to repair or replace the print head. The warranty for the print head ends after the initial test bar has been printed. The motherboard is a valuable component, and if it needs to be repaired, it should be sent back for replacement.

For machines that have exceeded the warranty period, if you continue to purchase ink from Rainbow Inkjet, we will continue to provide technical support. However, if you do not purchase ink from our company, a one-time technical service fee of $130 will be charged. We offer one-year, three-year, and five-year technical service packages, priced at $499 for one year, $899 for three years, and $1599 for five years. You can make a purchase based on your needs.

If the machine is not manufactured by us, then we cannot provide support because the machine is different.

We promise to do our best to solve any problems if they are related to the device. While our technical engineers may not have the best English, our determination to solve problems is unwavering. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you again for your inquiry or ownership of a Rainbow Inkjet Digital Printer!

If you have any complaints, please write to info@rainbowdgt.com