Flexible PVC Film

Flexible film uv printer is specialized in printing the picture in soft PVC membrane which has extensive applications. The flexible film, also named stretch fabric, is becoming the preferred material of making suspending ceiling. Flexible film is made of pvc material and processed cutting, shaping and finally finished by frequency welding. The flexible film has advantages of waterproof, fireproof, moisture proof, mildew proof, insulated, easy to form and so on. he application of flexible film in the ceiling is the combination of lighting and art ceiling, because any rich color and style can be printed according to the designer’s imagination. In other words, the customization of the home decoration can be realized.


PVC ceiling-printing
uv flatbed printer 2513

Rainbow 2513 UV Flatbed Printer

Rainbow 2513 UV Flatbed Printer epuiped with Ricoh G5 print head, very quick speed and mass production. The head is very easy maintain.

  • 2.5*1.3m printing size
  • Servo Motor
  • Germany IGUS muted chain
  • Aluminium double filter ink box
  • G5 print head with grey scale model 7PL
  • Integrated heater and thermistor
  • Very quick speed and well performanace
  • Long lifespan