KT board

KT board is a kind of new material which is made of PS particles through foaming and surface lamination. The board is straightforward, lightweight, not easy to deteriorate and easy to process. It is mainly used in advertising industry, label industry, construction and decoration industry, culture and art and packaging industry, printing industry, Cosplay props. UV flatbed printing technique can achieve wonderful effect on it.

Rainbow uv printer can print directly on KT board to achieve custom effect. On label and advertising industry, KT Board is popular while UV printing for custom is popular and saving. Advertising companies deserve one uv printer.

Portrait likeness, Kt board portrait, human shaped special display card, customized humanoid brand are one of the mostly used area of KT Board and uv printing. Rainbow all UV flatbed printers of different sizes can directly print on flat KT board.

Rainbow 2513 UV Flatbed Printer

Rainbow 2513 UV Flatbed Printer epuiped with Ricoh G5 print head, very quick speed and mass production. 

  • 2.5*1.3m printing size
  • G5 print head with grey scale model 7PL,  glossy printing available, the head is very easy maintain.
  • Germany brand Igus mute chain-high quality and fluent printing
  • Aluminium double filter ink box
  • Integrated heater and thermistor
  • Mute slider and stainless steel slideway and  famous servo motor brand LS 
  • TAIWAN HI-WIN lead screw of 25mm thickness
  • Hydraulic anti-collision
  • Use aluminum cycle mixing cartridges rather than plastic one.
  • Long lifespan