Shoes printing is also ok by direct to garment printer. Kinds of shoes if printed with special design can rise high value, Rainbow digital t-shirt printer is good choice for printing shoes surface.

The Canvas shoes can achieve good effect by digital  printer, the color is very vivid and high reduction. 

Rainbow digital printer with Rip software is very multifunctional, it can directly print on shoes or first print on canvas then make it to shoes.

Rainbow RB-4050T T-shirt Printer

RB-4050 Direct to Garment printer using two 5113 print heads, one head has 8 channels, one channel has 400 nozzles in which one head has 3200 nozzles. The direct to garment printer can achieve very quick printing speed even on black t-shirts. The printing result is amazing. 

  • Two 5113 print head, 3200 printing nozzles per head
  • Max A2 40*50cm printing size, equiped with 3 different pallets of 25*30/35*40/40*5cm free printing pallets.
  • 7 inches LED operation platform for easy operate.
  • White ink circulation system which prevent white ink from clog.
  • Industrial comfigurations.