Metal as one of the most commonly used building and packaging material, like iron,  tinplate, aluminum, steel, some necessary decoration on all the material is necessary to make the packing or building more beautiful. UV flatbed Printer machine makes metal design printing easy. 


Metal signages can be seen everywhere in companies, for showing business license, permit, certificate of honor,. etc. Most of them which you saw were printed by UV Flatbed ink-jet printer machine with UV curing ink. 

Custom-made sheild is popular. Metal sheet printed by UV printer with cool photos. It will be even better anti-scratch if do a coating before printing ink on it. 

6090-uv-printer (6)

Rainbow Nano 9 UV flatbed printer

Nano 9 UV flatbed printer is the recommened model for metal sheet printing. 

  • 3 DX8/I3200 print heads can print with CMYKLcLm+W+Vanish
  • 60*90cm printing size
  • Industrial configuration of UV water Cooling system 
  • Mute slider and stainless steel slideway and  famous servo motor brand LS 
  • Whole stainless steel  frame 
  • 3D embossed printing effect
  • TAIWAN HI-WIN lead screw of 25mm thickness
    Hydraulic anti-collision
  • Use aluminum cycle mixing cartridges rather than plastic one.
  • Germany brand Igus mute chain-high quality and fluent printing