UV printing technique is also well used on acrylic printing. Generally speaking, acrylic mark is made of acrylic board, acrylic acid, adhesive and luminescent tube. At present, Acrylic brand has been widely used in enterprises, stores and various commodity logos, is the preferred product of billboards. UV printer is playing an important role in acrylic printing.

Acrylic painting
Acrylic is a trend in home decoration in recent years, decoration is no longer just paint, beautiful acrylic is cut into many shapes into a variety of wall paintings, you can customize the design you want, even your own pictures.

Platform Card

Platform Card is commonly used on kinds of meetings, company desks, reception, etc. UV printing machine is good to achieve wonderful printing effect.


Rainbow RB-4030 Pro UV Printer

Rainbow RB-4030 Pro UV printing machine are recommended model for acrylic printing.

  • 1-2pcs XP600/DX8 print heads
  • 3 minutes for a full pallet when printing with 720*720dpi model
  • 3D embossed printing effect
  • TAIWAN HI-WIN lead screw of 25mm thickness
  • Hydraulic anti-collision
  • Use aluminum cycle mixing cartridges rather than plastic one.
  • Germany brand Igus mute chain-high quality and fluent printing
  • Color and white one pass printing