New listing of desktop A3 UV printer rotary printing machine

uv flatbed printer (2)
Rainbow digital new listing of cylinde printer RB-3250 UV FLATBED PRINTER

We have inherent impression that many customers who want to print on rotary like cups, mugs, but ended purchase a machine who is very expensive which can print on not only rotary but flat materials on the case those customers do not need the function.

Or we meet customers who want to print rotary and flat materials with small quantities per day but have to purchase a printer which is over A3 size and price expensive.

Based on many feedback from customers of different countries, we feel a smaller size uv printer machine with rotary function is very in need. Therefore this newest model RB-3250 appears.

small uv printer

For the past 15 days since it has been put into market, 50 sets has already be sold.

Check the details below:

small uv printer

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