What’s the difference between uv printer and dtg printer?

Some customers are asking our sales: does UV printer better than dtg printer because it can print more materials?

-Yeah sure, multi-functional UV printer sure better than dtg printer, especially when you want to print t-shirts only. ( I am joking)

Ok, seriously, we can’t compare two kinds of machines in this way-there is no better or worde, because it depends on your needs.

What are the physical differences?

  1. UV printer has UV light to dry the UV curing ink instant after printing while DTG printer do not have one. DTG printer uses textile pigment ink and it needs to be heated or air dried.
  2. UV printer mostly equiped with water or air cooling system to cool down the temperature of the UV light so that to prevent the ink in print head get dry or clog. But DTG printer do not have it.

How to choose between the two?

If you print no t-shirt, of course UV printer–metal, glass, PVC, acrylic, plastic….everything can be printed.

If you print only t-shirts, that’s easy too, DTG printer can achieve better effect than UV on t-shirts.

What’s the appeal of a uv printer for t-shirts?

—I guess it is because that no pre-treatment is needed and the t-shirts comes out completely dry. ( no heating needed)


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