Rainbow 6090/4060 uv flatbed printer cleaning function

When talking about the advantages of common UV flatbed printers, there are many:

1. Personalized customization: printing of patterns such as portraits and portraits are not restricted;
2. 3D embossed effect by uv flatbed printer.
3  Easy operation: set computer control equipment and software, automatic printing, saving labor and effort;
The principle of piezoelectric inkjet is that it do not need to get in touch with materials and can be widely printed with various materials.
5. Suitable for any material with a variety of compatible surfaces.
6. No plate making, fast printing and low cost, various output software can be used to support various file formats.
7. With professional color management software, you can change the color anytime, anywhere, no extra cost.
8. One-step completion, ie printing and extraction, to meet the requirements of fast sample delivery.
9. Unit price should be printed in a large number of forms, saving time and effort.
10. Full color image, once completed, progressive color fully achieves photo quality effects, accurate positioning and zero rejection rate.
7. It takes only 30 minutes to master and produce high quality products without professional skills.
8. Computer operation, no staff dependence, large upgrade space.
9. Quickly blow and dry without manual drying.
10. Color printing relief effect

But what is special with Rainbow 6090/4060 UV Flatbed Printer?

Why so many customers choose our machine not other supplier’s? What this machine can bring more?

—-They are many advantages to say which is noted in description: RB-4060 UV flatbed printer

  • TAIWAN HI-WIN lead screw of 25mm thickness
  • Hydraulic anti-collision
  • Use aluminum cycle mixing cartridges rather than plastic one.
  • Germany brand Igus mute chain-high quality and fluent printing
  • …….

But, one of the most important advantage that will benefit and convenient our customer, save more of their time and energy, prevent them from been bothered by print head clog is the WASTE INK CLEANING SYSTEM, also named ink pumping system.

This configuration should be the industrial level configuration, Rainbow company invest much on this and keep update it. And after years test, it proves many customers are introducing their friends or customers buy from us. It highly improve the lifespan of Epson or Ricoh heads.


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